Milwaukee is beginning to show its light to the rest of the world. Now, the world isn’t really seeing it quite yet, but the city is performing with passion nonetheless. It is clear to see that the talent harnessing all of Milwaukee’s music energy is a group of young, hyperactive, vision & mission oriented musicians that call themselves NAN, or New Age Narcissism.

In a beer & shot town like Milwaukee it was probably never in the foreseeable stars to be led musically by hip/hop & electronic music. Obviously that is what the 21st century Millennial’s want most, but still it is hard to believe that MKE would be so receptive. Be that as it may, it is goddamn exciting to at least see some energy and passion really shine through this 5-month long winter city.          

I wanted to start MUSE MKE off with a music feature of one of these youthful, good-time-seeking stars and get some insight into perhaps why they are so different from the music acts before them. Cue Cameron Henderson, a.k.a. Lorde Fredd33.

Lorde Fredd33 has had numerous EPs & singles out over the last few years, with his most notable release as a full mixtape “33: The Education”, which dropped last March and featured production from Q the Sun, Khiri, and Sani. There is a darkness that comes naturally with Fredd33’s vocals – a relentless image that takes you directly to his mind. With a sound that is reminiscent of Freddie Gibbs, Henderson definitely has the appeal to reach further and further into the masses.


MM: How are you doing?

LF33: Life is trying… but generous in a lot of ways, mostly through adversity. I’ve been living, working with kids, being a father, going through emotions like everyone else. Creating a lot.

MM: You always have a great positivity in your social media presence. In a modern digital world, filled with people masking who they are and playing up image rather than craft, what makes you stand away from the norm?

LF33: I focus on my personal development first. My craft helps me understand myself; therefore, the way I live openly reflects the positive revelations brought out through my art.

MM: Could you tell us a little backstory of NAN, and the influence that it has had on your personal musical developments?

LF33: It’s a band of misfits who refuse to settle on mediocrity and redundancy. They challenge me to be a better person, music and all.

MM: Strip back the fans, the albums, and the social media… Look at a live show. You bring it every time. The passion is there and the energy is persistent… Is there a certain thought/ritual in your head that keeps you motivated and inspired to play like you do?

LF33: Thanks. I mostly see my son reaping the benefits of my hard work… And the “big show”… Thousands of people going ape over that Lorde Fred33. Really understanding the power of haters too; those rappers aren’t lying about how much potential gas one hater can add to your fire. So keep hatin’, with ya lame ass, haha.

MM: What is your favorite thing that you have created (so far), and why is it important to you?

LF33: This diaper song I made for Azzie, my son. He dug it. Probably gonna end up on the next project.

MM: Any new projects coming up that you are really excited about? Any new epiphanies that have led you to new heights creatively?

LF33: Yep. Just knowing where I’m headed with this whole thing really makes my progress unchartable and limitless. New single called “DAN” on the way too (Prod. Q The Sun).

MM: Favorite spot/thing to do in MKE?

LF33: My house with the sonny and the honey in a cool bath. Or plotting/mobbing with the squad.

Fredd33 kept it short and sweet and I think that really reflects his creative persona. He is a major contributor to NAN but seemingly one of the most hidden. I see a man who is careful and patient and deliberate. I see a man who has been changed by his son, and is working to give him the world. That alone is courageous enough for any person. Lorde Fredd33’s time is near, and watch out when it comes.

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